1 Cockapoo4u Hypoallaenic Coat signed
One of the advantages of owning a Cockapoo
is that they are
Hypoallergenic dogs 
meaning Cockapoo’s are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in humans.
Many people with asthma and eczema are therefore able to own a Cockapoo without being troubled by allergic reaction.


Allergies to dogs

Are most commonly caused by :-

The reaction to a dogs dander this is the dead skin cells a dog produces, and not the fur itself. dander sticks to the dogs fur and is released during the normal shedding process.
 A hypoallergenic dog, therefore, will be one that produces less dander .  The poodle has a low dander count and a low-non shedding coat, and these characteristics are inherited by the Cockapoo.
If you are susceptible to allergies we advice you to spend some time with a cockapoo before purchasing your puppy.

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